Who made my clothes?

Who made my clothes?


Discover the story behind what you buy. Who made each piece of clothing, and what's the environmental impact?

We believe in radical transparency, which is why every Brothers We Stand product page includes a product footprint. You can find information on the brand’s suppliers, the conditions of workers and the environmental impact of the clothing you’re browsing. Alongside this, areas for development and the product’s strong points help you to make an informed decision before purchasing.

By clicking on the links found in the footprint, you can discover more about the standards and certifications our brands have achieved, giving you a broader understanding of the ways in which the industry is changing.

We believe that giving you more information will help you build a wardrobe you’re proud of, saying goodbye to the bloated closets of the 2010s, and welcoming in a vision of a considered wardrobe made up of ethically produced and cherished items.