What To Look Forward To In 2021

What To Look Forward To In 2021

With vaccines rolling out and a new President across the pond, there are reasons to be hopeful about 2021. We wanted to offer a few more as we head towards the end of a tough January for all of us.

 Harry wears Knowledge Cotton Apparel's Pine Checked Organic Overshirt

KCA Orders On The Way!

Firstly, we’d like to thank you all for your patience and understanding through a difficult time. Several of our brands encountered difficulties due to Brexit and Covid-19, and it has been humbling to witness the kind and patient response of our community. 

Jonathan has been working tirelessly with our brand partners to secure new post-Brexit processes, and we are delighted that all delayed Knowledge Cotton Apparel orders have been sent out this week. Now, onto the future...

A New Website For Spring 2021

This is an exciting time for the Brothers We Stand community. Our friends at Sparks Studio have been designing a fantastic new website for us and, with the help of our wonderful developers Terence and Darby, the first full draft is almost there. Soon, we’ll have a new layout to help you compare and contrast your ethical clothing options, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

New Software

Behind the scenes, new software will improve the efficiency of our admin and operations, and make it easier for you to track your orders. Less time on admin also means more time to create great content and connect with ethical brands to bring you more high quality menswear.

David looks on in Knowledge Cotton Apparel's Organic Corduroy Overshirt

Thank You

2021 will have its challenges for all of us, but we are grateful for the opportunity to work on these solutions and help you discover ethical menswear on Brothers We Stand. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to sharing our progress as we go!

Stay safe,

Jonathan and James