Launch Party

It would be great to celebrate with as many as can make it. One of our models, Mudibu (think Youssou N'Dour), is singing and James Harwood will be spinning out the beat. Mr Moonlittle is on the canapes and beers on the house.
Let us know you're coming here or shoot us an email at 
Sorry not post yesterday but I was busy meeting a Swedish Princess and giving a talk to some Korean entrepreneurs at Google Campus. Before you reprimand me for bragging, I mention because this is not a normal occurrence for me. I've never met a Princess before* and I've never given a talk (or five minute presentation) on Brothers We Stand before. It was a pretty mental day! 
For your info, there were meant to be five UK entrepreneurs and five Korean entrepreneurs giving presentations. I think something must have gone wrong because I was approached with fifteen minute to go asking if I'd like to give a presentation. They seemed pretty desperate and didn't seem to mind that I told them I'd never given a presentation on BWS before and had no idea what to say. The offer of free burritos secured my participation. 
My favorite moment was when one of the Korean team was talking Korean at the front, it all seem so surreal.  
*I didn't actually meet her, but she was one metre away and definitely smiled at me.