Mudibu Inzatsa

One of our models with a golden voice, Mudibu, will be singing at Thursday night's launch. He'll be giving us a preview of his new album, Inzatsa (early 2014). 

Inzatsa (pronounced: IN-ZZZA-T-SA) are Fireflies in Kirundi, the language Of Burundi in East Africa.

'Like Fireflies lighting the night, this is an album dedicated to those Burundians who had, and still do keep their dignity, pride, integrity and humanity throughout the long, dark, murderous history of civil wars along ethnic divisions. The estimated death toll stands between 300,000 to 500,000 killed (some would say more) over several decades and until today the guilty are still unpunished. Inzatsa is a “No to silence”, A silence imposed by a long culture of fear and division, a firm stand of lightbearers/INZATSA against hatred and a daring to move towards Love, truth, justice,forgiveness and Healing. ' Mudibu Inzatsa 

You can get your ears ready with a pre-release of one of the tracks here.