Run & Fell: t-shirts for the discerning man

Run & Fell are a t-shirt brand for the discerning. Hand cut and sewn in Manchester from organic cotton and hemp their fitted t-shirts don’t over-complicate. A black square, a faded stag head that can barely be seen, a grid of metallic squares. 

In the current collection Run & Fell embrace the barrenness of winter and the economic austerity affecting many. Charcoal grey, ink black, and off-white shades make up the sombre pallet. Yet optimistic flashes of metallics interject a sense of hope. 


 Designer, Naomi Jackson, says the printing methods used, such as potato and lino printing, represent the “back to basics” nature of the “cutting back” mentality. The deer, a recurring theme in the collection, represents confidence, grandeur, and the majesty of nature. It is also a sign of the inevitable return of Spring.

We shot a few questions over to Naomi to find out a bit more about her inspirations and the story behind the t-shirts.

Your AW collection references some fairly dark themes, namely the global recession and economic austerity. How do you relate to these issues? What do they mean to you? 

I usually take inspiration from situations in the news and politics or society in general, and build a concept based on my experiences or thoughts on such issues. This season, although the concept may seem quite dark and dismal, its actually fundamentally about hope and strength and persevering through adversity. I usually like put a positive spin on things and look for the good in everything.

Tell us a bit more about the process of making the t-shirts. 

It all starts with trend research, concept building, colours and mood boards. Then I begin dabbling with the designs themselves and thinking about the shape and fit of the shirts. I cut the patterns myself, and make toiles (sample tees) and try them on various willing male friends, to see how they look and fit. Often they give me really good feedback on the fit and the feel of the T-shirts, which is good! From then on I can put everything together and get the t-shirts into production. I used to use a local factory but they didn't make them to the right specifications. So at the moment i'm handling all production and occasionally utilizing some local freelance machinists. 



What excites you about running the label? 

Freedom! Being able to design what I want and run the business how I want, with the values that are important to me. Also seeing where it goes, and the good things people say about my designs.

I enjoy being creative, and having such creative freedom. I think if I didn't do this, I would be running another fashion business of some sort. I'm passionate about good ethical production in fashion. And that's really the driving force behind the brand.

Why is sourcing responsibly important to you? 

It should be important to everyone. Especially in light of recent global events, such as last year's horrific garment factory collapse in Bangladesh. I don't think its acceptable to turn a blind eye to other people's struggles just so we can buy cheap clothes.

Why menswear? 

I just love it! 

I love designing graphic print designs and so my work really lends itself well to menswear. I think that now, perhaps more than ever, there are a lot of exciting new developments and trends in men's fashion, and it is great that so much creativity and fresh ideas are being expressed. I'm really excited about the future of Run&Fell, and seeing what happens in menswear in general, and especially in the UK, in the future.

The essence of Run & Fell in no more than two sentences. Go! 

Luxury, premium menswear, made in England, from ethically sourced fabrics.