Editorial coverage

We've been busy laying the groundwork for a few campaigns which I hope are going to step things up a notch exposure wise. 

Before this I thought it would be fun to share some of the coverage we've had since our launch.


In November several of our items were featured in an editorial for NYC’s Conscious Mag. It’s a really nicely put together mag and felt pretty cool to hold it in my hand looking down at  ‘Brothers We Stand’ printed on the page.


The Run & Fell Buck t-shirt


The Lily and Albert Palomar Jumper. 



Later that month I got interviewed for a friends project, Gypsy Generation. They have a really interesting vision to create a digital spaceship by & for creatives across the globe. You can read the interview here and find out more about the spaceship here .

Brothers We Stand started out as a tumblr blog and in December we got some heat on the dashboard. 135 notes on a Mens Fashion World post made us smile (well done Rachel for her photography). 

At the end of the year we got featured on Twenty Something London and even got some attention from the dance scene.

2014 has brought an article in the Romford Recorder. It's not Esquire Mag but any chance to tell people about what we're doing is great. They also mentioned how me and my friend used to sell sweets are school, (Maoams and Pepsis funded my first mobile phone), which I loved. 

The coverage has been good and I hope just the beginning. We have a few features in the pipeline to coincide with the batch of fresh products which is coming very soon. Then I'm really looking forward to the interest the campaigns we have planned generate. 

As always, you support is much appreciated, and is what is going to make this work - a community of men and women who give a damn who made their shirt.