30th July 2013


We’ve been keeping an air of mystery around exactly what the next step is going to be. It is time for the gagging order to be lifted and tell all (well almost all). 

This October Brothers We Stand will launch a red-hot e-commerce site, bringing together some of the very special brands we’ve been talking about on the blog (and some others we haven’t had a chance to mention yet).

We want to enable men to buy stylish clothes without compromising their values.  Discernment is central to our ethos and we will stock items that meet the following criteria:

Design - Products that delight the senses and perform the jobs they were created to do.

Provenance - The history of every item is known. All products lead the way regarding both social and environmental impact.

Quality - Clothes that are built to last and be enjoyed for many years.

We will showcase a handful of new boys on the British menswear scene as well as several European labels relatively unknown in the UK. A few more established brands will add a solid backbone to the collection. 

We want to bring you menswear you can be proud off. Menswear with design, provenance and quality. Do you want in?

Your support is hugely appreciated and is what is going to make this work. Lets do this family. 


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