24th September 2013



Sorry to go a bit quiet, things have been mental.

But we now have samples winging their way to us for Sundays shoot and other things coming along. WE ARE GOING TO GET THERE. 

Riz Boardshorts have been with us from the beginning, so it’s a joy to share these cagoules they’ve made in collaboration with Albam. It’s also great to be able to add some outerwear to our collection.

The cagoules are made from Riz’s signature recycled polyester and cut in the UK on Albam’s classic Fishermans’ cagoulde block. Albam are the kings of stylish staples are themselves committed to ethical production. We’re pretty chuffed to be selling something they’ve had a hand in. 

But Riz and Ali (the pair behind Riz Boardshorts), our biggest shout out goes to you guys. Lending us items for market stalls and welcoming my many questions about the ethics of your items; you’ve been awesome. 


You can buy the albam x Riz Cagoule, along with the other items we’ve been talking about recently at BWS from next month. We will launch this October, not saying which day yet though!