30th September 2013



We did our shoot yesterday.

We’re going to keep the images back for our website launch. But above are some shots of the models having their hair done in Egon’s salon, Bed Hed.  

I’m really pleased with how it went and we got some great images. The team were awesome and it was a privilege to be able to work with such talented people. It was especially good as the prep had left me half dead and these guys just smashed it and let me concentrate on keeping my pulse active.  

The team:

Styling: Russell Philip Peek. The man has ‘the eye’. His ten years experience also showed as he kept us moving and on schedule.  

Photographer: Rachel Manns. Got the models relaxed and then did her magic with her weapon of choice, a Canon 5D Mark III.

Hair stylist: Egon Bluemel. The man is an artist. I love the way he dances around you when he’s cutting your hair, intent on crafting the look to perfection. 

Models: Mudibu Inzatsa, Daniel Ward, Simon Lesley. These guys were awesome. They stared that camera down like heroes. Simon also did a bit of behind the scenes photography, model/photographer - what a guy. 

The photos will drop towards the end of this coming month, when our website launches, looking forward to sharing.