Brothers We Stand: Owen Jones

Owen Jones wears Brothers We Stand recycled red sweatshirt for The Guardian.

"Spending an afternoon trying on clothes normally strikes me as about as enjoyable as a night out with Ukip’s youth wing… When my Guardian colleagues asked me to do a photoshoot as a gay man who doesn’t exude style, I was a bit bemused. But, weirdly, I quite enjoyed wearing clothes that looked good and fit me. I doubt I will be crowned Britain’s most stylish man any time soon. But there’s nothing wrong with priding yourself on how you look; it turns out it doesn’t make you some superficial bourgeois traitor. Don’t expect me to start embracing Gucci socialism, but maybe I’ll stop treating shopping as a slightly less enjoyable exercise than dental surgery. You can want to change the world without looking like a dishevelled paper boy."

Read the full interview with Owen here.

Photograph: David Levene for the Guardian