Consumption: a fundamental re-thinking

I have recently been inspired by the design philosophy of Dieter Rams, the pioneering German product designer. With a lifetime of trailblazing work behind him, Rams has come to the firm conclusion that the next generation needs to lead a design revolution centred around the concept of “Less. And better.”

As head of design at Braun, the German electronics manufacturer, Rams is credited with playing a major role in developing consumer product design as we know it today. His focus on simplicity and elegance can clearly be seen in many of the products we use today.

Ten principles of good design by Dieter Rams

Rams believes we need another design revolution today. For Rams the time for thoughtless design and thoughtless consumption is over, “What we need today is a fundamental re-thinking. Not just in design, but in general. Back to basics. Less. And Better.”

Environmental impact and longevity of products have always been a concern for Rams. But as Rams has reflected on the challenges facing society today, it appears these principles have come to the fore.

Rams’, a new film by documentary filmmaker Gary Huswitt, gives a privledged insight into the designers thinking. At 86 years of age Dieter Rams is meditative and feels regret for the way consumerism, capitalism and materialism have played out. He looks back on his career with some regret. "If I had to do it over again, I would not want to be a designer," he's said. "There are too many unnecessary products in this world."

In the same way that Rams simplified the cluttered visual language of product design, today he lays down a challenge for the next generation to simplify the way we consume products. I’d like Brothers We Stand to be a platform that helps you adopt a “Less. And better” approach to your wardrobe. Brothers We Stand is a place to find good quality clothes that are ethically produced and designed to please you for many years.

Jonathan Mitchell
Brothers We Stand founder