Mending Men

Buy less, buy better and cherish what you have! That’s our philosophy at Brothers We Stand, and I reckon it’s pretty appropriate for our times. We’re all aware that this beautiful planet has finite resources, but at the same time we don’t want to reject the physical sphere and live in sandy sacks in plain white rooms. 

When it comes to clothes, repairing them and making them last is the way forward!  Fast fashion is rushed dudo. I’d rather have something that's been made with care and I can keep for years, grow to love and who knows even hand on to someone when I’m done.

TOP LADS REPAIR THEIR CLOTHES  [A group of Boy Scouts patch and mend their clothes, assisted by the Scout Master.]

If you don't have the skills yourself, the streets are full of laundrettes and other shops offering "alterations and repairs" at fair prices: since I've been looking I see them all over the place! 

For the nimble fingured, check out Tom of Holland’s Visible Mending Programme for some inspiration.