This Is Not Business As Usual

In the busyness of the month of September, the world took time to stop and call on those who hold the power and wealth to start making the planet a priority. September 20th was the start of Climate Strike. Business could not continue as usual that day, as often businesses and lifestyles have damaged the planet and set a bleak future for the next generation. These protests consisted mostly of children and teenagers. For them, this was a continuation of the Fridays for Future movement, where children have been striking on Fridays to call on governments to act against Climate Change. This generation has been crying out for the irresponsible habits that damage our planet to stop.

Ultimately most pollution output is coming from businesses, corporations and governments. 

At Brothers We Stand we want to be part of re-imagining how the fashion industry operates. We are a platform that supports you to purchase less, but better fashion: 

- Clothes made largely if not fully from either natural fibres or recycled materials.

- Fibres that have been grown organically, so harmful pesticides don’t enter water supplies or make farmers sick. 

- Factories that are powered by renewable energy. 

- Factories that recycle the chemicals used in dyeing or processing fabrics, so those chemicals don’t enter the rivers and waterways

- Materials that don’t harm animals or are vegan. 

- Clothes that are made to last and be enjoyed for many years. 

Brothers We Stand is a platform to support you to consume clothing in a way that’s in-step with our natural environment. As you join with us and others doing business differently, we become a force to be reckoned with, that other businesses and politicians have to take notice of.

Rachel Finegan
Brothers We Stand