October 24, 2013

29th August 2013







Time to share Run and Fell’s Autumn/Winter 2013 range. We are stoked to be working with this fresh and upcoming Manchester based brand.

In this collection Run&Fell embrace the barrenness of winter and the economic austerity affecting many. Charcoal grey, ink black, and off-white shades make up the sombre pallet. Yet optimistic flashes of metallics interject a sense of hope.  

 Designer, Naomi Jackson, says the printing methods used, such as potato and lino printing, represent the “back to basics” nature of the “cutting back” mentality. The deer, a recurring theme in the collection, represents confidence, grandeur, and the majesty of nature. It is also a sign of the inevitable return of Spring. 

All garments are manufactured in Manchester using more sustainable material such as organic cotton and hemp. Amongst UK menswear start-ups, Run & Fell are leading the way, coupling great design with responsible production. 

For the curious, the name stems from the hard wearing ‘run and fell’ seam stitched into heavy duty denim garments. 

October is coming.

October 24, 2013

27th August 2013





Brands are signing on and our collection is taking shape. 

Thought I’d share Elvis and Kresse as we haven’t featured them on the blog previously. They make classic bags and accessories that will add some refined style to your life. 

I’ve been hugely impressed with their commitment to quality. These are guys who love their product and want to make it the best they can - Elvis, the craftsman, spent an incredible five years perfecting a billfold wallet (apparently he still thinks it can be improved further). 

All items are made from reclaimed materials and Elvis and Kresse say, ‘Our process emulates kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold. The refurbished pieces are worth significantly more than their new, undamaged counterparts.’

We’re delighted to have them on board. 




October 24, 2013

20th August 2013


Creatives from around the world have submitted posters to celebrate Mandela’s life, legacy and 95th birthday! 

Above are a few of our favourites (we wouldn’t mind a shirt like Nelson’s wearing in the first poster). You can read more about the project and view all 95 of the posters here. 

Designers of the posters we selected: Carlos Andrande (Venezuela), Alexis Tapia (Mexico), Bradley Kirshenbaum (South Africa)

October 23, 2013

19th August

Album covers are awesome. Friendly Fires second album, Pala, has a particularly beautiful one. 

October 23, 2013

17th August 2013

Loved this guys bag at Wilton’s Music Hall yesterday. 


October 23, 2013

16th August 2013


For Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs it’s all about fit, personal preference and quality. We dig their ethos. 

October 23, 2013

14th August 2013

We’ve been doing a few market stalls to get the name out there. Mostly been keeping them under the radar as the real deal isn’t quite ready, but thought I’d share as they’re a part of our story, (including the day when we sold one t-shirt). 


Photos: Simon Mackenzie

October 23, 2013

14th August 2013

Sorry for going quiet on you, I’ve been on holiday in Spain. Here I am wearing my bolt blue fish print Riz Boardshorts (which performed superbly). The tee is a Riz number too, the pocket being made from offcuts from the shorts. 

Normal service will now be resumed as we start to crank things up for the October launch. 

I hope the summer is treating you well. 


October 23, 2013

3rd August 2013

Guest writer Lauren Belcher shares a festival that you may not have heard of but is not to be missed. 

East London has it’s fair share of amazing venues. With quirky cafes, age-old cinemas, eccentric clubs, and a few green spaces, there’s a lot to choose from. So why is Shuffle, the upcoming film festival curated by Danny Boyle, taking place in the grounds of an old psychiatric hospital of all places?

That isn’t to say that the venue doesn’t have it’s charms -the defunct buildings of St Clement’s hospital in Bow are beautiful and the large grounds provide a precious outdoor space in the heart of the East End- but there is something rather surreal about sitting on benches by the obligatory festival food van and reading a sign that directs you to the old wards.

The real reason for the choice of setting, however, is that on this occasion, it was location first and event second. The film festival is actually a prelude (a damn good one) to the UK’s first ever urban Community Land Trust. In between Danny Boyle films, mindfulness workshops and DJ sets, you’ll be able to get an idea of what a community lands trust is, (if you weren’t quite savvy enough to know before – I certainly wasn’t) and why there is going to be one on the site of St Clements.


With the housing ladder becoming more and more difficult to get onto, trying something new sounds pretty appealing. The model is already being used successfully in the US, and if this pilot scheme goes well, it will make housing easier to buy. “Community lands trusts solve the housing crisis.” claims Lizzy Daish , who works for the East London Community Lands Trust.  “The community owns the land, so when houses are sold it takes out the land price, which makes the properties more affordable. Since houses are sold back to the community, they are never on the market. It is the only sustainable model of home ownership.”

The project has inspired some controversy, with the ELCLT being called ‘Hoxton Hipsters’ and questions floating around about St Clement’s history. The festival, therefore, is a way of opening the site to the public for the first time “so that people can enjoy it, explore… and celebrate the history that it did have,” explains Lizzy. “We want to respect that the site’s previous users are survivors of drug therapy, and respect people’s stories, good or bad.”

To this end the film festival is having a ‘day of the mind’ on 11th of August.. There’ll be a mindfulness workshop run by a former St Clement’s employee; Ruby Wax, who has been open about her own depression, is performing (like it or not);  they’re screening One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest; and, in the ‘Lightbox Cinema,’  kids will be able to create a film using articles and images from the old psychiatric hospital itself.


The star of the show though, has to be Danny Boyle, who has chosen the films and will be doing Q&A sessions throughout the week. Not only has Boyle been knocking around St Clement’s when he can, but he’s offered his direction to students of Central Foundation Girls’ School who’ll be performing their play on mental health at the festival.

With Time Out running the outdoors screen (headphones and all), after-parties nearly every evening, contributions from the Barbican and a gorgeous outdoor setting, Shuffle promises to be worth going to. Who knew creating affordable housing could be so cool?


Find out more about the event here.

Photo: Jessica Sutton

October 23, 2013

2nd August 2013




We had a bit of fun and made a poster. (serious message)

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