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Dance With Nature - This Is AJ.

Dance With Nature - This Is AJ.

This is AJ. He collaborated with Lars Gödeke and Save The World Studios on a project called #dancewithnature, connected by a vision to heal mother nature. Wearing the Organic Earth Day Tee from Lars’ World Supporting Goods label, AJ expresses the urgency of climate change through Krumping, a style of street dance.

We were struck by the video and wanted to ask AJ about how Krumping helps him express this urgent message, and what the t-shirt means to him. This is what he said:

“When I was little I always wanted to learn to dance and didn't want to learn to dance what everyone else can do, but rather Krumping, because for that you need a lot of time and patience. I really enjoy dancing when I'm focused and you learn a lot about calm of mind while dancing.

The [Earth Day] t-shirt is my chakra (energy centre) because it has a lot of meanings. In general, the t-shirt brought me to a world where things are really important in life. My best friend and I just want the world to know how important the environment is and, of course, water too.”

You can take a look at the Earth Day tee here.