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Spanish streetwear brand NWHR joins Brothers We Stand

Spanish streetwear brand NWHR joins Brothers We Stand

This week we're thrilled to announce the arrival of NWHR on Brothers We Stand.

The young brand from A Coruña brings you streetwear done sustainably. Taking the relaxed cuts and heavyweight fabrics of American street style, NWHR apply their own identity to highlight environmental issues and celebrate their local Galician culture. Oversized tees, hoodies and sweatshirts are classic streetwear. But, organic fabrics, renewably powered factories and Galician artwork? That comes straight out of NWHR. 

We asked founder Yago a few questions to introduce you to his brand, and give them a warm welcome to the Brothers We Stand community.

Why did you start NWHR?

Yago: NWHR was born after I visited textile factories in Cambodia and India. I worked as a buyer in a fast fashion company at the time. But, discovering the reality of who is behind our clothes sparked the idea of a project with transparency and traceability at its heart.


What’s the inspiration behind your style?

Y: We’re inspired by American streetwear - the toughness of Carhartt and the quality basics of Los Angeles Apparel. Every design is made to last and be timeless. But, we like to have our own style. So, in our first collection, you’ll find designs based on the ancestral masks of our region’s carnival, "el entroido".


What does transparency and traceability mean to you?

Y: It is usually very difficult to find information about what is behind the garments of the brand you like. But, we believe that consumers have the right to know where we manufacture, our suppliers, our water consumption, our certificates - and to have easy access to that information. This is our commitment to fashion.

What can we expect from NWHR in the future?

Y: Our dream would be to open a store in our city where people could buy and repair their garments while having a coffee.

Welcome NWHR and their Founder Yago on to Brothers We Stand by checking out the brand new collection.