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Feel Free - A Portrait of Wumzum

Feel Free - A Portrait of Wumzum

Filmed and directed by Samuel Glazebrook

Styling and art direction by Kezia Navey

Featuring Wumzum


Feel Free is a film about Wumi, an illustrator, animator and street artist living in London. Otherwise known as Wumzum, he recently created the artwork and animation for Swindle’s new single ‘Lost’, featuring Loyle Carner, Kojey Radical and JNR. His bold and imaginative style caught our attention, so we went to find him in his natural habitat, with a paintbrush in hand or a pair of roller blades on his feet.

In Feel Free, Wumi expresses the freedom you can find in rollerblading, gliding through streets, inventing new moves and always being on the move. This same movement is reflected in his artwork, a hyper-real style that makes life larger. As Wumi glides through the streets of the city he grew up in, we pause to appreciate his work, seeing it bounce off the walls to make the mundane, epic.

Living in the city can make it hard to appreciate our impact on nature, but Wumi shares his understanding that, without the biosphere, London wouldn’t be there. And, neither would his art. As the animator for artist Larry Achiampong’s ‘Reliquary 2’, Wumi’s work is currently being displayed in Piccadilly Circus on the largest digital screen in Europe.



Larry Achiampong's 'Reliquary 2' on the Piccadilly Lights: Wumi's animation bringing life to the largest screen in Europe

In a time of our lives when freedom has been a rarity, and nature is heaving under the weight of climate change, Wumi inspires us to make life larger, to live with freedom and be aware that, without nature, none of us would be here.


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Feel Free is the first film we have made at Brothers We Stand, and follows on from our Coastal Conversations blog series. Our vision is to share the stories of the everyday man. Their passions, their style and what living in step with nature and people means to them. We hope viewers will see themselves in the characters and be inspired to live authentically and in step with nature.