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Grappling with the true cost

Words: Susanna Lau aka Susie Buble 

Photo: Rachel Manns 

Source: Style Bubble   17 April 2015 

There’s a hypocrisy in my wardrobe and in the very nature of what I do for a living that is sometimes difficult to reconcile, when wanting to contribute to Fashion Revolution Day, the ongoing movement that commemorates what happened at Rana Plaza two years ago.  On the one hand, I imagine a utopia where every fashion brand from high street to high end will have entirely transparent, accountable and fairly waged supply chains, where the negative impact on environment is fully calculated and minimised where possible.  I imagine governments passing legislation in all countries involved so that workers are fully protected.  I imagine a majority collective consumer base that is also conscious of their decisions, demanding better of what they buy.

These aren’t unattainable goals especially in a year where discussions about new EU rules on traceability and transparency in the textiles and clothing sector are being held at the European Commission and being put forward to the agenda for the G7 summit in June.  The right conversations are being had and change is afoot even if for the most part, it isn’t the brands that are instigating it.  Although H&M’s latest Sustainability report with its goals for 2nd tier transparency and renewable energy sources is an encouraging sign.

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