Elvis and Kresse Folio & Laptop Case

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    • Ultimate protection for your MacBook or 13" Laptop
    • Genuine British fire-hose
    • Reclaimed lining made from parachute silk
    • Wipe-clean
    • Water resistant

    Dimensions: 36 x 27 x 2cm

    Max. laptop dimensions: 33 x 23cm

    Folio and 13” Laptop case - The outer skin of the Elvis & Kresse folio is made from genuine decommissioned fire-hose and is extremely hard wearing. There is also an additional layer of closed cell foam and the lining is reclaimed parachute silk, offering ultimate protection to your Laptop.

    We also offer a Limited Edition 'Print Room' version of the Folio / Laptop case. Made from reclaimed printing blankets combined with Elvis & Kresse's signature decommissioned fire-hose, this limited edition case really makes a statement. The re-engineered black printing blanket creates a visually stunning textile that is strong and beautiful to the touch. This version of the case maintains all the design features of the full fire-hose version as described above. 

    Note: If you would like your case personalised select 'yes' from the dropdown. We'll email you to get the details!
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    Elvis and Kresse run their own production facilities allowing them to ensure working conditions meet their high standards. They have one site in Kent, England and one in Turkey.


    The use of reclaimed materials reduces the need for virgin resources to be consumed and saves useful items from ending up in landfill.

    Reclaimed fire hose is sourced from brigades across Britain, keeping carbon miles low.

  • - Genuine British fire-hose,               

    - Reclaimed lining made from parachute silk
    - Closed cell foam

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