Mud Jeans Regular Dunn Natural Indigo Jeans

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    • Made with 40% recycled denim, 60% organic cotton
    • Tapered regular fit
    • Signature painted logo patch
    • Button fly
    • Circular economy concept

    The regular dunn is a tapered regular fit, constructed from recycled cotton and organic cotton.These jeans feature the Mud Jeans signature painted logo patch allowing for a 100% vegan jean.

    Non-stretch denim. 40% post-consumer recycled cotton, 60 % organic cotton. Warp and weft contain recycled cotton. 

    Please note: Mud Jeans hold small quantities of stock and receive regular top ups from their factory. On occasions where this results in a delay in fulfilling your order we will email you to let you know.


    - Use of recycled materials 

    - Short supply chain with long-term partners

    - Mud know all partners personally and visit them regularly.


    Recycled denim fabric: Royo, Spain

    Royo is a very impressive company with social and environmental goals embedded in the company culture. Royo carry out the dying and weaving of the denim fabric and source the yarn from Recover who they have collaborated with on a denim upcycling programme.

    Certifications: Recycled Standard, Certificate (GRS) by ICEA, Textile Exchange Member, Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) Member, Signatory of the UN Global Compact

    Stitching and washing: Yousstex, Tunisia

    Yousstex was audited by the Fair Wear Foundation in 2015 who noted that the management was attentive to working conditions.

    Factory visits

    Factory visits are Mud Jeans main tool for ensuring working conditions at Yousstex are good. Mud’s head of product Dion Vijgeboom visits the factory every few months and has built a good relationship with the factory owner, Mr. Habib . Any issues that arise can be discussed in an open and productive manner. Dion reports that workers work eight hours a day, five and a half days a week. Medical care and transportation are provided free of charge. The factory environment is safe and workers enjoy air conditioning in summer and heating in winter. Workers report they are paid fairly and on time but common to many garment factory workers would like to receive a higher salary.

    Environmental impact and materials

    The use of recycled denim reduces the amount of virgin cotton that needs to be grown. Cotton is a resource intensive crop and some report that it can take 20,000 liters of water to produce 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) of cotton.

    The virgin cotton used in these jeans is organic. This protects the environment and also farmers who may suffer ill health when coming into contact with the intensive fertilisers and pesticides used in conventional cotton production.

    Mud jeans feature a unique printed pocket patch which avoids the need for a leather or faux leather patch.

    Brothers We Stand has received evidence that the major suppliers involved in the production of these jeans all have wastewater treatment plans in place.

    Areas for development

    We would like to see Mud continue to support and encourage the formation of an active workers committee at Yousstex, the factory where their jeans are stitched.

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  • 40% recycled jeans, 60% organic cotton

    • Fits true to size. Take your normal size
    • Regular fit
    • Tapered leg

    Product Measurements 
    Compare these product measurements to a similar garment you already own. (Take measurements from the outside, with the garment lying flat.)

     Size Waist (cm) Inside Leg (cm)
    28W 32L 39.2 81.5
    28W 34L 39.2 86.5
    29W 32L 40.4 81.5
    29W 34L 40.4 86.5
    30W 32L 41.5 81.5
    30W 34L 41.5 86.5
    31W 32L 42.7 81.5
    31W 34L 42.7 86.5
    32W 32L 43.8 81.5
    32W 34L 43.8 86.5
    32W 36L 43.8 91.5
    33W 32L
    45 81.5
    33W 34L 45 86.5
    33W 36L 45 91.5
    34W 32L 46.2 81.5
    34W 34L 46.2 86.5
    34W 36L 46.2 91.5
    36W 32L 47.3 81.5
    36W 34L 47.3 86.5
    36W 36L 47.3 91.5
    38W 32L 48.5 81.5
    38W 34L 48.5 86.5

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