Braintree Hemp Shirt Port

    • Durable hemp/rayon yarn
    • Wooden button detail
    • Classic relaxed fit

    Made from the ecologically sound and durable hemp the Brookwood shirt brings a sustainable twist to the classic relaxed fit shirt. 

  • Strong points


    The Brookwood shirt is made in China and Braintree founder John Snare is proud that his suppliers are showing that it is possible to produce in China ethically. Braintree are committed to building relationships with their suppliers and do not switch factories from season to season. For the last 8 years they have worked with just five suppliers and built a strong relationship with them.

    All suppliers are required to work to ensure that workers are safe, that they are paid a living wage and that they can work free from harassment. The factory making this shirt is visited 2-3 times a year by Braintree’s own staff and founder John Snare’s next visit will be in December.


    Hemp has very impressive environmental credentials – it requires much less water than cotton and naturally outcompetes weeds so doesn’t require pesticides. Additionally hemp grows very quickly and yields are high, an important consideration given that global food prices are dependant to a large extent on the amount of land available for food production.



  • 55% Hemp 45% Rayon Woven (a natural material made from tree cellulose)

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