EJF x Katharine Hamnett Save The Future Organic T-shirt

  • This organic cotton tee is fruit of the Environmental Justice Foundation's recent collaboration with designer Katharine Hamnett. Hamnett's iconic and much-imitated slogan t-shirts have caused quite a stir over the years, and still pack a punch. All proceeds from this product will go to the EJF, which fights for environmental issues around the world.

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    -This t-shirt was cut and sewn in manufacturing facilities audited by the Fair Wear Foundation. The supplier’s vision centres around adding value socially and environmentally.


    -Organic cotton, planted and harvested by hand, in a region where cotton farming is predominantly rain fed. The factory where the t-shirt is cut and sewn is powered entirely by renewable energy (most of the energy comes from 30 massive wind turbines). The t-shirts are transported without the use of air freight. 

    -This T-shirt was printed in the UK by a Soil Association certified printer. 


    Areas for development


    The cotton is Global Organic Textile Standard certified which is recognised as the world's leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres. The GOTS social criteria apply to all textile processing and manufacturing stages but does not currently measure working conditions of cotton farmers.

    As soon as applicable minimum social criteria is introduced to recognised organic farming standards, GOTS are committed to applying their social criteria to farm level. In the meantime the fact that the farms are inspected for environmental purposes gives the pickers some measure of security. Additionally and crucially in the case of cotton farming, the organic status of the cotton means workers are not exposed to many harmful chemicals associated with conventional cotton production.


    Organic cotton yields are low compared to fibres such as hemp or bamboo.  Global food prices are dependant to a large extent on the amount of land available for food production.


  •  100% Organic Cotton 

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