Idioma Element Home Blu Organic T-shirt

    • Made in a wind powered factory
    • Limited edition
    • 100% organic cotton

    Fit: Regular-fit 

    The four key elements essential to our world, ‘water, fire, air, earth,’ in Maori, Esperanto, Catalan, Latin, Icelandic and Japanese.

    See the world, speak the language. Emerging brand Idioma fuse world languages and unique design. Their t-shirts and sweats are made from 100% organic cotton in a factory powered by renewable energy.

  • Strong points


    - Cut and sewn in an exemplary factory in Tamul Nadu, India where the management have a commitment to ethical production at the core of their vision.

    Workers are fairly paid and provided with everything they need such as a medical room, free lunches and recreation space.  Overtime work is only ever done on a voluntary basis and workers are not allowed to do more than 12 hours per week. (This is in stark contrast to many apparel factories where workers are regularly forced to work excessive hours to meet tight deadlines imposed by big brands). 

    - The factory is independently audited by the Fair Wear Foundation. 

    - Use of organic cotton means that pickers are not exposed to harmful chemicals.


    - Organic cotton (Global Organic Textile Standard-certified) planted and harvested by hand in a region where cotton farming is predominantly rain-fed. (Cotton’s biggest environmental impact worldwide is water use. Rain-fed cotton reduces the impact on waterways).

    - Factory where the t-shirt is cut and sewn is powered entirely by renewable energy (most of which comes from 30 massive wind turbines).

    - Transported without the use of air freight.

    - Printed using water-based inks. (Most commercial screen printers use plastisol inks which contain PVC and phthalates that are harmful to the environment).


    Areas for development


    - While the inspection of Global Organic Textile Standard-certified farms for environmental purposes gives the pickers some measure of security and ensures that they aren’t exposed to harmful chemicals, this certification does not directly guarantee the working conditions of cotton pickers.

    - Idioma’s labels come from China and they cannot vouch for the conditions in which the labels are made

  •  100% Organic Cotton 

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