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Organic Jollie Socks


One pair of these ethical socks gifts another to a local homeless shelter

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80% Combed Organic Cotton, 20% Nylon

Clothing Care

As a consumer you can reduce your impact significantly* by taking care of your clothes. We recommend that to save water, reduce detergent usage, reduce energy consumption and to extend the life of this garment that you wash it as infrequently as is practical. *wearing your clothes for 9 months longer can reduce carbon, water and waste footprints by 20-30% each.

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These fine gauge, organic cotton socks by Jollie's boast a soft four-colour combo on a high quality fabric.

Jollies create exceptional socks and for every pair of socks sold, donate a pair to a local homeless shelter.

  • Fits true to size. Take your normal size.   

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    Product Footprint

    Product Footprint

    Strong Points

    Use of Recycled Cotton and Recycled Polyester

    Socially conscious factory 

    Exceptional quality socks that are made to last.

    Organic Jollie Socks footprint


    Jollie’s have a close relationship with their sock factory partner in Portugal. Jollie’s founder, Ed Vickers, has visited and spent time with the team there, asking them questions from top to bottom. Respect for workers is embedded in the factory culture and the factory has been independently certified by SA 8000, one of the highest level social certifications.


    Recover Tex turn textile waste and post-consumer plastic into workable fibres, reducing the impact on the environment. To produce 5 virgin cotton T-shirts takes 15,000 litres of water. Recover doesn't use water and generates almost zero greenhouse gases. 

    Polyamide (nylon) gives the socks a degree of stretch and durability. Whilst the production of polyamide has significant environmental impacts we allow the use of high quality polyamide in products where it is necessary for the function of the product.

    Country of origin


    Yarn: Recover Tex

    Knitted: Portugal (SA 8000, GOTS)

    Areas For Development

    These socks contain polyamide (nylon) for stretch and durability. We allow for high quality nylon when necessary, however this material has significant environmental impacts. It will be interesting for Jollie’s to monitor if more sustainable alternatives, with the same material properties, become available.

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