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Know The Origin Organic Cotton Striped Heavyweight T-Shirt

    • 100% Organic and Fairtrade cotton
    • Cut and sewn in a Fairtrade certified factory

    If tees were classified in boxing terms, this one would be Muhammad Ali. It’s heavyweight, made with 210gsm Organic cotton (wowsers).  If you’re in a cooler part of the world, this one’s especially for you… 

    This fabric was left from a large supplier order.  But instead of it sitting unused in a warehouse (we don’t want that), KTO bought it so that they could transform it into this beauty.  Sustainability at its best.

  • Strong points


    KTO have personally visited every section of their supply chain. The cotton is organic and Fairtrade, they use two suppliers Chetna Organic Farming Co-op or Pratibha Syntex. Chetna is an 100% farmer owned co-operative and they provide training on food security so farmers can grow crops alongside cotton.

    - The cotton knitting is done at RCM and Shakthi Knitting both factories have a subsidised canteen and transport for their employees.

    - Cut and sewn at Mandala, a Fairtrade certified factory. They are committed to be a leading example in wage standards, and ensure all employees have bank accounts.  This helps with other social issues, such as finding housing, particularly for the women she employs.

    - Use of organic cotton means that pickers aren’t exposed to harmful chemicals

    - Use of Fairtrade cotton means that farmers are given a fair and stable price for their cotton


    - KTO use Global Organic Textile Standard dyes which don’t contain toxic metals and are azo-free. Their products are dyed at Mahadev fabrics and Shakthi Knitting. Mahadev ensure that all wastewater from the dye process is filtered to clean it of all chemicals. It’s then recycled for use again in agricultural irrigation in the surrounding area. Shakthi also have an impressive filtration system that links to the entire plant, enabling them to filter all the dye water that passes through. 95% of all the water used is then re-used for running the factory and continuing its production processes. The remaining 5% is evaporated and any remnants from the dye process are used to make bricks and for laying roads.



    Areas for development


    - KTO are looking for alternate ways to ship from factory to avoid using plastic packaging.

    - KTO are also looking for recycled/alternative fabrics to cotton as it is not the best for the environment.

  •  100% Organic and Fairtrade Cotton (210gsm)

  • Product Measurements
    Compare these product measurements to a similar garment you already own. (Take measurements from the outside, with the garment lying flat.) 

     Size S M L XL
    Chest (cm) 50 52 53.5 55
    Half Waist (cm) 50 52 53.5 55
    Sleeve Length (cm) 19 19.5 20.5 21.5
    Front Body Length (cm) 60 61 62 63

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