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World Supporting Goods by Lars Gödeke

Organic Global Warning Tee


Support sustainability in style with this Global Warning Tee


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Half Chest 2,5cm below armhole (cm)
Body length (cm)
XS 47 68
S 50 70
M 53
L 56
XL 60


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Product Footprint

Product Footprint

Strong Points

Made from organic cotton

Factory powered by renewable energy

Factory committed to social and ecological standards (GOTS certified, FWF audit)

World Supporting Goods by Lars Gödeke Organic Global Warning Tee footprint


Lars Gödeke Studio work with a sourcing partner that help emerging brands to source ethically and sustainably. The factory where this T-shirt is cut and sewn is located in Tamil Nadu, India and is visited regularly by the partner. All overtime work at the factory is voluntary and audits report that 60% of workers do not carry out overtime. Read the FWF report here.

Lars has visited Eindruck and has reported that they are committed to printing ethically and sustainably.

Hamburg Stickerei is a small local business that Lars is happy to be partnered with.


The use of organic cotton (Global Organic Textile Standard-certified) protects the environment and also farmers who may suffer ill health when coming into contact with the intensive fertilisers and pesticides used in conventional cotton production.

The organic cotton this T-shirt is made from was planted and harvested by hand, in a region where cotton farming in predominantly rain fed.

Factory where the T-shirt is cut and sewn is powered entirely by renewable solar and wind energy (most of which comes from 30 massive wind turbines).

This T-shirt was digitally printed with water based inks that are GOTS certified and have an ECO Passport from Okeo-Tex. Water based inks are more environmentally friendly than plastisol inks which may contain PVC and phthalates that can be harmful to the environment. Digital printing uses less water and creates less wastewater during the printing and fixing stages than screen-printing.

The thread used in the embroidery is a german high quality thread, with a Öko-Tex Standard 100 certificate (Gunold and Madeira).

Country of origin


Organic cotton: GOTS certified supplier in India

T-shirt cut and sewn in Tamil Nadu, India.

(Fair Wear Foundation, GOTS)

Printing: Eindruck, Hamburg, Germany

Embroidery: Hamburgs Stickrei, Hamburg, Germany

Areas For Development

In India, where this T-shirt was made, the minimum wage is below the actual living cost. Lars Gödeke Studio’s sourcing partner are a member of the Fair Wear Foundation and have begun a Living Wage pilot project. Brothers We Stand would like to see this project extended so that all workers in the supply chain can receive a living wage.

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