Mud Jeans Slim Lassen Mid Wash Jeans

    • Super slim fit
    • Tapered leg
    • Painted logo patch
    • Zip fly
    • Circular economy concept

    Fit: slim to super slim leg + tapered 

    Mud Jeans have worked with the best denim craftspeople to produce a high performing, sustainable denim line. The Slim Lassen has a slim to super slim leg with a good degree of stretch for a comfortable fit.

    The painted logo patch provides a unique touch and avoids the need for a leather label.

  • Strong points


    - The jeans are cut and sewn by Yousstex, a Tunisian factory who specialise in jeans craftsmanship. The factory was recently audited by the Fair Wear Foundation who noted that the management was very attentive to working conditions. 

    - The 2015 FWF audit noted gave particular praise to Youssex’s spacious and well ventilated factory, noting that there were no overcrowding issues.

    - The denim fabric is sourced from DNM, a well-respected Egyptian factory.

    - The cotton is certified by the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), a project seeking to improve conditions in cotton supply chains.


    - Yousstex, who cut and sew the jeans, have developed a reputation as a benchmark for sustainability and innovation in the denim industry. One example of the factories work is the use of ‘ozone technology’ which harnesses the natural bleaching properties of ozone gas and reduces the number of washes needed to finish jeans by over half. (Ozone is reconverted to ordinary oxygen before release into the environment.)

    - The denim fabric is produced by DNM who recycle up to 85% of water used and produce zero wastewater.

    - Mud Jeans have chosen their suppliers (fabrics and final product) due to their vicinity to the end consumer. They will shortly publish their carbon emissions data which is reported to be 62% less than the industry standard.

    - Better Cotton Initiative encourages the careful monitoring of pesticides and water usage in cotton production. 

    - A unique printed pocket patch is used to avoid the need for a leather or faux leather patch.  

    - Mud Jeans work to circular economy principals and encourage customers to return jeans they no longer use to be transformed into new items.

    Areas for development

    The Better Cotton Initiative is largely based on self-assessment data from farmers. Whilst this means it is hard to take the certification as an infallible guide the work the BCI are doing with farmers is positive and has been shown to improve outcomes.


  • 99% Better Cotton Inniative certified cotton, 1% elastane


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