Get To Know Our Favourite People and Planet Friendly Styles for a Normal British Summer

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Ethical men's clothing, selected with style

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    • Designed to please

      We’ve hand-picked the most timeless styles from our favourite ethical designers for you.

    • Ethical production

      Discover the impact of every style on people and planet, with our product footprints.

    • Made to last

      Invest in clothing made with care, from high quality materials, that you can love for longer.

    Our Mission

    As Featured In

    Brothers We Stand is the home of e-commerce with a heart. Every item has a clear purpose - whether that’s upcycling, using renewable energy or supporting community artisans.”
    Build out your wardrobe while doing a good deed at the same time.”
    Browsing the products is more like an edifying ramble around Wikipedia than a furtive wallet fumble on ASOS.”
    Your go-to shop for ethical menswear.”
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    Celebrating 10 Years Standing Together

    We’re celebrating ten years standing with ethical brands, ethical producers and you.


    Who made my clothes?

    Discover the story behind what you buy. Who made each piece of clothing, and what's the environmental impact?