Our Mission

Brothers We Stand is a one-stop shop for high quality men’s style that’s ethical and sustainable. And, our mission is to help you find the style that’s right for you, as well as the people and the planet that produced it. The fashion industry has become a stomping ground for false advertising to push you into buying more. But, we’re not here for that. We’re here to set a standard, share each product’s impact and leave the rest to you. That’s why you won’t see as many items on Brothers as other marketplaces. Our standard for style, ethics and sustainability is high, which means fewer products hit the mark. We don’t do ‘eco edits’ or ‘conscious collections’, because every item is ethically made, and our product footprints tell you how. You’ll discover each item's strong points, its social and environmental impact, and any areas for development all laid out for you. No daily drops of 100+ items. Or any ‘green’ guarantees. Just high quality ethical styles with clear information, so you can find the style that’s right for you, and learn as you go.