Our Mission

The care fuelled mens style movement

The 80s, 90s and early 00s gave us Mario Kart, the internet and the high top fade.

They also kickstarted fast fashion. Clothing production was outsourced to countries with lower labour costs.

The lower prices were meant to democratise fashion and create valuable jobs in less developed economies.

But big fashion quickly grabbed the opportunity to maximise profits by investing the bare minimum in the people making our clothes

We got hooked on an addictive form of consumption that sped up as quality reduced.

We knew little of the human faces behind our clothes or the ecological crisis they were contributing to.

Now we stand at a cultural crossroads. Re-think and re-make our world or see our wonderful planetary systems break down.

And the tide is shifting.

People all over the world are rising up to do things differently. Fuelled by a vision of a beautiful reality that’s so close within our reach.

Corporate brands with big advertising budgets and token capsule collections aren’t the ones leading the change.

It’s people who are willing to put their livelihoods on the line to pursue a dream. Who are using their voices to amplify those of others around the world.

And more than that, are working together to redistribute power and regenerate ecosystems.

We know some of them.

Seth. Ivan. Harry. Petra. Sam. Riz. Sharon. Johan.

The men’s style revolution has already started. And it continues with you, brother.

Are you in?


Our marketplace

Just as Cruff changed the game with Total Football we want to change men’s style with Total Impact.

Our goal is to support you to shop for clothing made with care, from high quality materials, that you can love for longer.

On Brothers We Stand you can shop from a family of brands making high quality menswear with care.

Every style has a story and every item on Brothers We Stand has a Footprint where we share the style's strong points, its social and environmental impact, and any areas for development all laid out for you.


What we look for

1. Design 

Unique styles. Expert execution. Versatility.

Timeless, practical clothes that stay with you through trends.

Clothes you can take on adventures or to the office.

Styles you can wear through that age well

2. Provenance

Brands led by people who care about people.

Who know what’s going on in all areas of their supply chain.

And have a social or environmental mission in their DNA.

3. Quality

Carefully crafted clothes.

Made with high quality materials.

That you can love for longer.