Our Mission

Our mission is to support you to shop for clothing in a more human way. 

In the 80’s and 90’s clothing production was outsourced to countries with lower labour costs. Lower prices were meant to democratise fashion. In reality, big fashion used them to hook a generation on the addictive consumption of clothes at ever faster speeds. We knew little of the stories of how our clothes had been put together or that they came with a side of environmental degradation. 

Now we must explore new frontiers of style together. Brothers We Stand is a platform to shop for clothes that will satisfy your needs and those of our planet with more care. In our pioneering product footprints you’ll discover each item's strong points, its social and environmental impact, and any areas for development all laid out for you.

The three principals below inform our product selection alongside a more detailed standard which you can check out here


We consider aesthetics, functionality and longevity to select clothes that you can love for longer. 


Discover the social and environmental impact of every style, with our pioneering product footprints.


Invest in well made clothing that satisfies your needs, supporting you to slow down your consumption.

The style revolution begins with you and I. 

Brothers We Stand