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Coastal Conversations Pt.1: Shopping Sustainably is Tough

Coastal Conversations Pt.1: Shopping Sustainably is Tough

As autumn swept into winter, we caught up with our friend Harry Ingrams, learning about his philosophy of 'enough' and experience of pursuing a more ethical lifestyle. Based between London and Cornwall, Harry is a freelance art director and graphic designer currently working with advertising agency Weiden+Kennedy. Having worked on projects for Formula One, The National Trust and Paynter Jacket Co., Harry shares how slowing down can help our approach to life's obstacles.


sustainable fashion


To kick things off, tell us about a place that is important to you.

Home. It may seem like an obvious choice, but I always benefit from making the journey back home. It has a way of putting me back on track.

When do you feel fulfilled?

It’s that typical thing of striving to live a better life, make more money, get more done, buy nicer things. Yet you’re left waiting for that sense of fulfilment. I think we could all benefit from the philosophy of enough. Being aware that the grass on which you stand is as green as it’s going to get. And being bloody grateful you even have grass to stand on in the first place.


sustainable fashion

For time spent working and relaxing indoors, Harry wears the Narrow Striped T-shirt and Alaska Essential Shirt beneath Yarmouth Oilskins' Mechanics Jacket in Navy, with Brava Fabrics' Corduroy Trousers in Camel.

What does living in step with nature and other people mean to you?

Taking the time to slow down and making a point of observing the world around me. This is something I’m trying to get in a rhythm of. I think it’s important to step back to understand that we’re part of something bigger. It puts your problems into perspective, for me at least.

How has this perspective developed over time?

For me, the act of slowing down is a crucial part of learning. Understanding why exactly something works in the way it does. Or pausing to look at the obstacles in front of you to get an idea of how you’re going to approach them.


For cycling Harry saddled up in Brava's Akito Walking T-Shirt and Idioma's "Gaia" Sweatshirt with a pair of Classic Chino with Stretch in Phantom from Knowledge Cotton Apparel.

Is there a particular issue that you feel passionate about that you would like to share with us?

Shopping sustainably [for clothes] is tough. Unfortunately, it’s not hugely accessible for many people, especially up against retail giants that provide clothes in huge quantities, at tiny prices. It’s similar to taking an obese child to a five star restaurant and offering them anything on the menu - they’d way prefer a chicken nugget happy meal! I sadly don’t have the answers to this problem.


sustainable fashion

Heading out to the coast, Harry wrapped up warm in the Rib Knit Henley and Wool Valley Cable Knit Sweater in Total Eclipse, with the Checked Flannel Overshirt and Wool Beanie on top and a pair of Honest Denim Straight Jeans in Blue Rinse on the bottom. 


Can you share any advice on how to live more ethically and sustainably?

'Make good choices' — one of Dad’s many mantras. This can be applied to so many things: social situations, consumption of food, media, clothes.

And also, simply, knowing the difference between what you want and what you need!


sustainable fashion


Stylist: Izzy Doran

Photographer: Sam Glazebrook