We Stand

We Stand

I set up Brothers We Stand to stand alongside the men and women who make our clothes. Too easily we view the makers as ‘other’ and not deserving of the same respect as ourselves. 

At the heart of discrimination of all forms is when we see our fellow human beings as somehow ‘other’. Race, tragically, is all too often the basis by which we pronounce these judgements of ‘other’. 

At Brothers We Stand, we join with many around the world, to call out discrimination by race as wholly unacceptable. As a fashion business Brothers We Stand benefits from the diverse influences of our global community. I want Brothers We Stand to be an organisation that celebrates diversity, champions justice and contributes to a culture that does so too. 

My thoughts are with all who have suffered and are fighting racial injustice; above all else their stories must be heard. 

Jonathan Mitchell
Brothers We Stand founder

Photo: Man at Hyde Park Black Lives Matter demonstration 3rd June 2020 by Ollie Reimann