Knowledge Cotton Apparel

Built on over 50 years of family experience in the textile industry, Knowledge Cotton Apparel was founded in 2008 by Jørgen Mørup and his son Mads (pictured). But the story begins in 1969, when Jørgen Mørup, together with his own father, opened a small textile company in the city of Herning, Denmark. A true pioneer, Jørgen Mørup began working with organic cotton at the end of the 1980s. Today Knowledge Cotton Apparel create premium menswear using sustainable fabrics and practices.

Learn more about the Knowledge Cotton Apparel story here.

Stand out ethical practice: Sustainable fabrics + Quality Construction
Heart of the brand: 30+ years of sustainable innovation
Brand founders: Jørgen Mørup, Mads Mørup
Established: 2008
Location: Denmark

All Knowledge Cotton Apparel             Chinos                   Denim                      Shorts                    Shirts                    T-Shirts              Sweatshirts                   Henleys                  Knitwear                  Jackets                    Beanies                    Scarves


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