Riz Boardshorts

Stand out ethical practice: Recycled materials + Circular concept 
Heart of the brand: Circular economy pioneers 
Brand founder: Riz Smith & Ali Murrell 
Established: 2009 
Location: London, UK

Riz Smith, the founder creative director of Riz, is a London-based designer and surfer. After years of designing surf and beachwear for various global brands, he became aware of the need for something better. With this in mind he set out to build a small, honest brand shaped around the desire for 'The most beautiful and sustainable surf shorts in the world'.

Blending London's rich Saville Row heritage of bespoke suiting and gentleman ideals with Riz's own summery disposition, the brand has become affectionately known as the 'Tailors of Sunshine'.

Photo: Riz Burgh Boardshort, Endangered Flower

Riz Boardshorts
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