Run & Fell

We are stoked to be working with this fresh and upcoming Manchester based brand. In their current collection Run & Fell embrace the barrenness of winter and the economic austerity affecting many. Charcoal grey, ink black, and off-white shades make up the sombre pallet. Yet optimistic flashes of metallics interject a sense of hope.  

Designer, Naomi Jackson, says the printing methods used, such as potato and lino printing, represent the “back to basics” nature of the “cutting back” mentality. The deer, a recurring theme in the collection, represents confidence, grandeur, and the majesty of nature. It is also a sign of the inevitable return of Spring. 

All garments are manufactured in Manchester using more sustainable material such as organic cotton and hemp. Amongst UK menswear start-ups, Run & Fell are leading the way, coupling great design with responsible production. 

For the curious, the name stems from the hard wearing ‘run and fell’ seam stitched into heavy duty denim garments.

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