Can we share our cookies with you?

‘Cookies’ are a technology that allows a website to remember something about you.

It may seem funny but allowing us to place non-essential cookies can really help us grow the Brothers We Stand movement. The reason is that these cookies help us understand how you discovered us and areas where we can improve our service. They also help us target our advertising and reach more people for less.

We won’t turn non-essential cookies on without your permission.

Essential cookies

These cookies are required to make our website work and can’t be switched off. A good example are cookies that save the items you have added to your bag whilst you continue to browse.

Analytical cookies

These help us gather data about how you use Brothers We Stand and also how you discovered us. This data helps us improve the website and consider how we can reach more people like you to grow the movement.

Marketing cookies

These help us target our ads. This means we can reach more people whilst spending less with companies like Google and Facebook.

Functional cookies

These cookies help us apply personalisation settings and carry out other functions that may fall under one of the headings above. These cookies may be set by third-party service providers that Brothers We Stand use.


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