The hands that made our clothes


It's great to see more and more work raising awareness of the stories behind our clothes.  

Handprint is a short film that brings to life the sometimes abstract notion that someone, somewhere made the clothes we wear.

Speaking about the film, director Mary Nighy said: “Many people’s hands touch our clothes before we wear them. If we could see or speak to those people, we might think about them and our clothes quite differently. Handprint is a short film which imagines what it would be like if we could connect to the people who make our clothes, and encourages us to remember them.”

The garment workers shown in the last shot are wearing authentic workwear which the stylist sourced after researching into the backgrounds of the workers depicted. 

The film was commissioned by Livia Firth as part of her Eco Age project and features the model and sustainability champion Elettra Wiedemann. Livia Firth said: “The more I see this film, the more I realise just how important it is for all of us to make the connection with the hands of the real people who make our clothes. We can make a difference to their lives by never forgetting this connection.”