Stories inspire, amuse and just generally add the spice. 

Last Thursday we asked the guys in our neighbourhood to share stories of when they've turned something around in their lives. The images celebrate the ability we have to turn things around and symbolize the transformation we want to see in the fashion industry.

This project was our take on #InsideOut, a global campaign organised as part of Fashion Revolution Day . In keeping with the campaign we shot the guys with their jackets inside out. 

Two creatives, some iphones and a handful of Shoreditch’s finest impromptu models - we hope you enjoy the stories and the message.

Shout out to Kuljit Kaur and Elle Wagner for this one. 



“I broke my jaw when I got mugged. Ate shitloads of cups of soup for two months - which sucked, obviously. Went skydiving with that insurance money though.. pretty amazing.”


“We were long distance for four years. There were times when it could have easily fallen apart - but we saw it through, got married, and now things are better than ever.”


“I’m from the slums of Portugal, and
growing up I got up to the things you’d
expect someone from there to. But now I’m doing quite well for myself here, managing a few stores in the area - I’m happy.”


“Whenever I meet someone, regardless of their mood before - I try and leave them with a smile on their face.”


“I’ve been here for 20 years. The first ten years were tough, but then I took my
savings and started a small business in
Africa - where I’m from - and I’m happier.”


“Oh, I don’t know. Everything’s a bit inside out these days, isn’t it?”


You can view the full collection of images on our Instagram