Pepper Plane Summer Collection


Hailing from Bordeaux, port city on the Garonne River, Southwest France, Florent Pautre began making t-shirts as a means to share his creative universe with others. The young Frenchman creates tastefully minimal graphic tees.

Animals are an important inspiration for Florent and feature in all his collections. He explains, ‘they reveal a rare form of beauty, a certain aesthetic and somewhat surprising features that only nature can create . But they also reveal empathy, strength and innocence which now seem to be rare.’

Running through the brand is a desire to protect the natural environment that Florent loves. All t-shirts are made from organic cotton in a factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh where waste fabric cuttings are recycled into home textiles and the well being of workers and the local environment is prioritized. 

Pepper Plane's SS14 collection is inspired by Le Rêve by Henri Rosseau. 'Le Rêve' or 'The Dream' was Rosseau's last completed work, created in 1910. The oil on canvas painting is the largest of more than 25 jungle themed paintings by the artist and measures 2.45 x 2.99 metres. 



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