10th September 2013

I am so happy to tell you that we have Nurmi on board. Their commitment to ethical production is truly admirable. Founder, Anniina Nurmi, has left no stone unturned in her vision to create a truly responsible fashion label. The brand can tell you where every component of their garments comes from and the stories are impressive. 

For example, Nurmi’s tote bags are made from hemp cultivated without using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. The hemp is spun and woven on the border of Hungary and Romania where it is dyed with low impact dyes. The bags themselves are then cut & sewn by inmates at Vanaja prison, Hämeenlinna, Finland. The factory employs around 15 female prisoners who are trained by experienced professionals to do a wide range of clothing and textile production. Hi-ho for Scandinavia’s restorative justice system!

Founded in 2010 Nurmi create great looking clothing which is crafted to last. The label is clearly a labour of love and it is amazing what Anniina has achieved in such a short time. This is the kind of brand we want to bring you - labels that are the fruit of passion and commitment.