No man is an island

We made it. There have definitely been times, when lying face down on my bed like a dead fish, I’ve wondered why I was doing this. But to see something go live is special. We now have a platform to build on, and something to show people rather than just words. And people can buy stuff, that feels pretty sweet.

No man is an island (that would be strange) and there have been many guys and girls who have contributed to getting us ready to go live. The saying also reflects our vision at Brothers We Stand. We share a common humanity with the men and women who make our clothes and we want to stand with them.

I feel we’re very much at the beginning. There are lots of areas I want to take things forward. But we have a foundation to build from and that feels great. The brands we have on board all have great stories and quality products. This is what we want to bring you more of. 

Thanks for your support. I look forward to seeing as many as can make it at our launch party on 21st November. Details on the blog tomorrow.