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Brava x Davez - 'Play the Game' Collection

Brava x Davez - 'Play the Game' Collection

When I imagine my childhood - my clothes stick out to me the most. The colours and pairings and influences and lack of influences. A yellow football shirt, a long denim skirt, jelly shoes, multicoloured scarf, a trilby - all in the same outfit.

It’s interesting to stop and think about the age you stop wearing whatever you want. When you start to think about what you should wear. When people start to say ‘I can’t wear that, that’s not my colour, that’s not very manly’.

Brava’s collection “Play the Game”, in collaboration with Spanish artist Coco Dávez, encapsulates the idea that you can go back to that age. The age where you wore every colour at the same time. To children, life is one long game - their clothes are capes, parachutes, ghosts, monster fur and crowns. Clothes are something to play with. To embrace.

Organic No Colour, No Fun Shirt

Dávez brings her iconic use of vibrant colours to this collection, as she invites you to play with clothes, own them and make them yours. Change it up. Wear it how you like. Button it. Unbutton it. Tuck in. tuck out.

The Brava x Davez collection is made in Portugal. The t-shirts are made with organic cotton and the shirts from innovative sustainable fabric, EcoVero. Find them here whilst stocks last.

Words by Jessica Sprouse