The golden jeans

September 29, 2014

I started Brothers We Stand to share the menswear I love - garments that look great and are made by people who are honoured. 

Menswear like this is difficult to find, but that makes it even better when you do.

Rella Late Summer Collection

September 02, 2014

September is set to provide us with some fine days, a tonic to the coolest August for twenty years. See the summer out in style with these tee's and vests from fresh London brand Rella. All items are made in the brand's own studio workshop in Bangladesh. 

Elvis & Kresse

July 14, 2014

Decked in deep red or yellow, long and leathery, the unsung hero of London’s fire brigade gives an epic 25 years of service to our capital. Now, thanks to Elvis & Kresse, rather than fading into obscurity on a rubbish heap once its career is over, retired fire hose is being immortalised as bags, iPad cases, belts and wallets.

James from Elvis & Kresse at work

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