Welcome to Brothers. The home of ethical menswear.

Our diverse selection of styles has been curated using our strict six-point standard that covers both style and sustainability.

Each product card is tagged with its leading area of ethical or sustainable practice, whether that's organic materials, the use of renewable energy, or local production.

You’ll also find a product footprint on every product page, where you can see the Workers Conditions and Environmental Impact for the item, and the Areas of Development for the brand.

At Brothers, we want to inspire men to pursue a lifestyle that’s more in step with nature. Through our blog, we share the stories of our brands and Brothers who are showing us how.

Take a look, have a read, and drop us an email if you have any questions. We're a chatty bunch, so we'll always be up for a coffee if you're ever in London, too.


Jonathan, James and Jess.

The Brothers team.