Shoot N.2 Photos


I've been meaning to post photos from last Tuesday's shoot for a while. But it's been brain disableingly busy. 

It's good to have a chance to write again as I hope the BWS Chronicle will allow people to understand what we're all about. I want Brothers We Stand to be a collaborative project, creatives and others contributing their skills to make something pretty darn special. For this shoot a special shout-out must go out to Rachel Manns. Sick as a TB ridden parrot (still pretty as ever) we picked her up from her flat in a bundle of blankets, pointed a gun to her head and shoved her in the back of a taxi and took her to the studio. 

Alex and Nat the models smashed it, posing like pros. Alex's smile deserves particular praise. 

I'm really pleased with the items we've added in. They have been carefully selected and we now have a good selection of sweaters so your forearms don't get cold. Splash the cash and add some conscious style to your life bros.  

The challenge now is to get the collection out there. It's frustrating as I don't have the time to do all the promotion that I'd like too, but hope to make some progress in coming days. If you're feeling the vision, your help in sharing and telling people about the collection would be truly appreciated. 


 Photographer: Rachel Manns

Studio: Green Lens Studio

Nat's hair: Egon Bluemel