Get up, stand up!

Get up, stand up!

We’re inspired by (and slightly jealous of) the pride and happiness captured in the image above. 

It shows the  team at MILA,  a small fairtrade, GOTS certified factory in Southern India who work with BWS brand Project Pico. The factory provides a safe, worker friendly environment. Employees are insured, paid the Living Wage and have access to pensions and healthcare.

Many of the brands we work with make their garments in factories audited by the Fairwear Foundation. Level Collective for example have their factories audited daily, while Idioma works with suppliers that focus on improving practice in a few select factories.

This Sunday marks the tragedy of the preventable collapse of Rana Plaza, a fast fashion factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Over 1,130 people died and a further 2500 were injured. The root cause was identified as graft (making shortcuts for personal gain) and corruption.

By supporting Brothers We Stand and the brands we work with, you’re taking a stand against greed and for the global brothers and sisters who make our clothes. 

Other ways to make your voice heard this week include joining in with Fashion Revolution Week and the programme of events or adding your sustainable style story to the map

This weekend is The Big One, a climate protest at Westminster from Friday - Monday. Everyone’s invited to ‘unite to survive’.  The aim is to get the attention of the government rather than cause civil disruption so take your mates and party shoes rather than your lawyer’s number.