Fashion Revolution Week 2021: Events To Look Out For!

Fashion Revolution Week 2021: Events To Look Out For!

Today marks the start of Fashion Revolution Week 2021, a time when we come together to highlight issues and learn about how we can all make a difference.

So, we've highlighted an event from each day's schedule that can help bring positive change to our lives and the global fashion industry.

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Monday 19th: Fashion Open Studio - ELV Denim x Reskinned
When? Today! 3pm-4pm BST

Fashion Open Studio is where Fashion Revolution showcases events that celebrate all the people and processes that go into making our clothes. In this webinar, industry experts will take you through their experiences of textile waste, and what we can do to prevent it being dumped around the world.

Tuesday 20th: Centring Justice In Fashion // #PayUp campaign
When: 5.30pm-6.30pm BST

When the pandemic hit last year, fashion brands refused to pay for an estimated $40 Billion worth of finished garments. In response, the #PayUp campaign held brands to account and recouped an estimated $15 billion. In this talk, you’ll hear why justice and advocacy are so crucial to transforming the fashion industry.

Wednesday 21st: Slow Fashion Workshop: Learn To Sew, Make Your Mark
When: Online event at 6pm-7pm BST

Being able to sew is a brilliant way to bring longer life and individual style to your clothes. With this workshop, you’ll get access to three tutorial videos that will get you up and running in no time. Following this, Wednesday’s online event will be a great place to share your ideas, projects and discuss sustainable fashion!

Sounds pretty in-thread-ible if you ask me...

Thursday 22nd: Virtual Clothes Swap!
When: Thursday 22nd April, 6pm-10pm BST

Have you got any BWS clothes that need a new home? If you’ve outgrown or outworn your clothes, why not give them a second chance at the Virtual Clothes Swap? You might just end up with a great new garm in return!

Friday 23rd: Cultural Intellectual Property Rights & The Rights of Nature
When: 11am-12.30pm BST

How can the fashion industry act responsibly to avoid disrupting communities and the natural world? This is a platform for those protecting cultural expression and working to enable cultural and environmental sustainability.