Dress Like Dad: A Father's Day Film

Dress Like Dad: A Father's Day Film


Filmed & Edited by Celina Collot

Directed by James Venvell

Featuring the locals of Granary Square, King's Cross

Make memories. Save the planet.

Back in Dad’s day, trends lasted 5-10 years (Cainz). Nowadays, with the rise of influencers and fast fashion, that’s dropped to as little as 3-5 months. In that time, our clothing consumption has doubled, and will almost double again by 2030 - another 500 billion t-shirts in total. It’s colossal, and something our planet simply cannot take.

So, this Father’s Day, we want to ‘Dress Like Dad’. We’re rejecting the throwaway culture of our time for Dad’s style - a style that’s slow and full of memories. Memories we want to share. Of Dads we want to celebrate. Built by holding onto our clothes for longer. That's what Dress Like Dad is all about.

When you’ve given it a watch, come and join us on social media. We’re handing out a 15% Brothers discount to anyone who posts a photo of their Dad’s iconic style with #DressLikeDad, and a memory you associate with the clothes.

Here’s to all the Dad’s out there rockin’ their long-lasting style this Father’s Day.