Made in Bagladesh



Plane Clothing's supplier,a Belgian company, has come up with a simple but effective solution to address the lack of control over factory conditions that has become the dominant feature of fashion supply chains. 

Their example shows that when the desire is there, it is possible to produce in Bangladesh and ensure workers are treated with respect and dignity. 

Bruno, the Sourcing and Sustainability Manager explains, ' We have a Liaison Office in Dhaka with a team of employees who work exclusively for us. It's our team and our colleagues. 

Five of them are dedicated to Quality and Production follow-up. Three of the team are permanently based at the three factories making our clothes. They monitor the production, quality, social conditions and secure that 100% is done in-house and nothing is subcontracted. Two of them are traveling between the three factories and controlling with external eyes that the three permanent are doing their work correctly. Moreover I personally travel there 1 week every 6-7 weeks to check by myself. '