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Balatapa Hoodie


Fresh hoodie taking inspiration from the ancient Sanskrit word "Balatapa" - heat of the morning sun


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85% Organic Cotton, 15% Recycled Polyester


350 GSM heavyweight jersey

Embroidered detail

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Care: Wash at or below 30°c, Do not tumble dry. Iron medium (max. 150 °c).

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Balatapa [Sanskrit] 1. Heat of the morning sun. With the arrival of the Sun’s rays in the morning, photosynthesis begins. Through this process, plants take in carbon dioxide from the air and make oxygen for us all to breathe. This design is a celebration of the beauty and warmth of the morning sun and all the energy it brings to us. Idioma is a family run business with a global fan base. Designer Seth Banks and linguist Halle Banks champion World culture with unique prints on organic fabrics.


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Half Chest 2,5cm below armhole (cm)


Body Length (cm)

Sleeve Length (cm)





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Product Footprint

Product Footprint

Strong Points

Fair factory

Organic cotton

Idioma Balatapa Hoodie footprint


Idioma has partnered with a sourcing agent who help emerging designers source sustainably and ethically. This agent visit factories daily during production to monitor working conditions and ensure nothing is subcontracted out to un-regulated factories. Each of the factories is also independently audited by the Fair Wear Foundation and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).


Organic cotton helps farmers escape the health risks and financial burden of toxic chemicals involved in conventional cotton production. It also helps wider communities by maintaining (rather than draining) the local water supply and keeping it clean.

Blending polyester with cotton can add strength and durability to the fabric. Using recycled fibres reduces the fossil fuel-based inputs needed to manufacture polyester. Whilst also helping to divert old garments from landfills. (Patagonia Common Threads) But some may prefer to avoid synthetic fibres in products where fully natural alternatives are available. 

As a plant-based fibre, rayon viscose - which this hoodie is embroidered with - is not inherently toxic or polluting. However the process required to turn the woody fibres into a usable fine thread is chemically intensive and can be a highly polluting process. (Good On You)

Country of origin


Cut & sew: Dhaka, Bangladesh (audited by Fair Wear Foundation and GOTS Global Organic Textile Standard)

Embroidered: UK (EU regulations) 

Rayon thread for embroidery: Madeira Threads (REACH, ISO 9001-2008, OEKO-TEX®)

Areas For Development

Idioma could explore using TENCEL™ Lyocell thread for embroidery. TENCEL™ Lyocell is made with the wood pulp of trees grown in sustainably managed forests and turned into thread using an environmentally friendly spinning process that recycles process water and reuses the solvent at a recovery rate of more than 99%.

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